Horticultural Design Services for Greener Spaces

Learn about which design is suitable to your needs.

Design and Installation

Do you need a new biophilic design for your home or office? Or maybe you want a refresh or maintenance of your current plant installations? Let us help you with your interior plant designs through our free consultation. Our team of design experts can help you bring life to your space and experience biophilia.

Plants and Containers

Our designers are here to help you find the right plant design option for your home or office settings.

Green Walls and Moss Walls

Green walls and Moss walls are a great way to bring biophilia into your environment. Moss walls are 100% naturally preserved and require no maintenance. Green walls, living walls, vertical gardens are custom designed for each space. We can specify, design, install, and maintain multiple plant systems to make your space look fresh and green.

Living Art Arrangements

Add a unique touch to your home or office with our custom plant arrangements. You can add flowers, succulents, orchids, or even terrariums to make your space come alive.

Replica Plants

Plants need a well-lit area to sustain life. We can make your low light areas come alive with our custom design replica plant arrangements.

Seasonal & Holiday Arrangements

Want to stand out for the upcoming holidays? We offer packages and custom plant pieces that can brighten any season.